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Why choose Silage Safe

With Silage Safe, you reduce your feed value losses to 5%, while covering more easily. This way, you can recoup your investment in two years.

Sybren Nauta, Itens (NL)

The best personal service, even after purchase

Perfectly airtight covering, even on the shoulders

No water in your roughage

Prevent and protect your roughage from pests

Quickly covered

" When I open the clamp, I notice that the quality of the feed is truly excellent. "
Herman Ten Berge
Gronau (DE)
" Thanks to Silage Safe, the roughage is wedged between the cloths, so there is no more mould. The quality of the roughage has improved, so I no longer have to throw away mouldy grass. "
Molenaarsgraaf (NL)
" Now that we use the covering system, we can quickly and easily cover the clamp and reopen it to add the second cut. "
Xavier Renard
Zwevegem (BE)

No more digging soil or struggling with car tires

Easy and fast covering, especially with lasagna silos

Simply opening with 2 metre wide sheets

Covering can be done with 2 people

Less affected by wind when covering

Mts. Mulder Kuiper (NL)

Reduced feed value losses, so you lower your feeding costs

Increased production

Save on labour

Fits any silo

Competitive price

" The price is relatively low, and there is little labour involved. "
Van Goch
Hedel (NL)

Other advantages of the system

A super tight result

A clean silo and no car tires lying around in your yard. So your silo is the business card of your company.

Met Silage Safe dek je het ruwvoer luchtdicht af en geef je vochtverliezen geen kans

You can work cleanly

No stagnant water on your clamp, no car tires filled with dirty water, and no car tires around your silo preventing you from mowing there.

Prevent health hazards

You can have your car tires removed. This prevents pieces of iron from breaking off the car tires and ending up in your feed, endangering the health of your livestock.

Long lifespan

Your covering system will last at least 10 years under normal conditions. It is not a technically complicated machine, so you never have to wait for a technician due to a malfunction.

Protected against any weather

Solid in storms and protected from the rain. In winter, the straps and buckles loosen easily, no car tires full of icy water, no frozen ground that you first have to chip away at.

" Even with last fall's storm, everything is still firmly in place. "
Ter Idzard (NL)
" We have two silo with a single wall between them. The problem with this is that water always runs into the roughage. The drains at the bottom of the system ensure optimal drainage of rainwater. "
Melkveebedrijf Jonker
Zuid-Scharwoude (NL)

How you work with Silage Safe

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Do you have a question? Feel free to send us a message.