The best quality roughage
Work lighter
Recouped in 2 years

We are Silage Safe and we are happy to help you optimise the quality of your roughage and lighten the work of ensiling.

Our mission is to improve the entire process surrounding roughage so that every farmer has minimal losses.

" We have chosen Silage Safe for the ease of work, the good conservation of the silage, and it also looks super neat. "
Douwe Statema
Easterein (NL)

Cover with Silage Safe

Covering with Silage Safe is an easy job. In just a few steps, you have optimally covered the silo without any hassle.

Lay out cloths and plastic

Fill the silo and compact well

Pull the plastic and cloths over the clamp

Connect the cloths and pull them tight

What customers say about Silage Safe

years of experience

About Silage Safe

We are an enthusiastic team with our roots in livestock farming that is always looking for improvement and optimization. We do this by being involved and working with you to see if we can further improve the clamp management. Also after purchase, we are happy to help you.

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Do you have a question? Feel free to send us a message.
Do you have a question? Feel free to send us a message.