Schep, Lemmer (NL)

The biggest advantage of Silage Safe for Schep is the ease of labour

Father and son Schep from Lemmer (NL) have been using the Silage Safe covering system since spring 2018. They use layered clamps and wanted to increase the ease of labour with them. Opening and closing the layered clamps used to take a lot of time and labour. "Now it's quite quick and easy," explains son Schep. "The cloths are already prepared, so you just have to lay them over the wall, and when closing, you pull it back over the clamp."

Covering with two people

The biggest advantage of Silage Safe for Schep is the ease of labour. "We no longer have to work 'above our heads'; we have fairly high silo walls where we used to place sandbags on the edges. That was annoying work."

The labour-intensive aspect has also been reduced, Schep says: "Previously, we had to cover with multiple people. That's no longer necessary because you work with sheets that are much lighter than one large cloth. Also, we are in a place where there is a lot of wind, and when covering, it's ideal that the wind doesn't get under such a large cloth."

No more tires

Schep's other clamps are covered with plastic, sandbags, and tires. "The tires on this pit are a thing of the past with Silage Safe," adds father Schep. The covering system is tight, so tires are no longer needed to keep the cloths on the clamp. This saves them a lot of work and time. "Furthermore, our yard looks much neater without tires. The green cloth fits much better with the landscape."

Round silaging

The quality of the silage also seems to be good now. "Previously, we had mould at the edges, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. We can now cover the shoulders perfectly airtight because the system is especially tight in that part."

And that is also thanks to the beautifully round compacting. Because the clamp is round, the tension of the cloths is optimal everywhere. There is no space anywhere, so oxygen doesn't stand a chance.

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